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Objectives of the project

The overall objective is to strengthen the territorial cohesion by means of cultural cooperation in preservation and promotion of cultural, traditional and historical heritage in Gotse Delchev - Prosotsani region.

The specific objectives of the project:

  • To preserve the cultural, historical and traditional heritage in the two municipalities.
  • To promote the cultural, historical and traditional heritage in municipality of Gotse Delchev and cross-border region.
  • To modernize the cultural institutions by using innovative technologies (3D models, videos, website with system management).
  • To increase the awareness of the young people about the cultural and historical assets.
  • To make accessible the cultural and historical heritage of the two municipalities to the people with special needs.
  • To contain the local population in the area of Prosotsani by improving the economic environment and increasing tourist traffic.
European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013

This website is created under the project
"Popularization and Preservation of the Cultural and Historical Heritage in the Cross border Region
Gotse Delchev - Prosotsani", project acronym CULGER,

financed under European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013,
Subsidy contract B1.12.05 dated 30.03.2011, co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and the National funds of Greece and Bulgaria.
The whole responsibility of the content of this website is bore by Municipality of Gotse Delchev and under no circumstances
it cannot be considered that this website presents the official statement.