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Municipality of Prosotsani

Municipality of Prosotsani is located in the western part of the Prefecture of Drama, among the mountains of Mekoikio and Falakro. Mount Menikio attracts quite fond of hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, bird watching, hunting and camping. Falakro rises majestically in the center of the prefecture and it is one of the highest mountains in Greece. About 45% of the mountain are grassland, 35% forest and 20% crags overgrown with bushes. Falakro is included in Natura 2000 due to the significance of preserved plant and animal life. The mountain is also known as a ski center.

In the outskirts of the village of Petrus, at the foot of Falakro, there is the impressive canyon, where local people built the stone theater - a hub of various artistic events.

Sights of the region

Thanks to the rich environment and the surplus of water of Angitis River, the area of Prosotsani has been inhabited since the prehistorical era. One of the interesting attractions in municipality of Prosotsani is the cave of Angitis river. The first habitants lived in the cave of Angitis. Details of their lives found in it from the inside of the first room of the cave and the surrounding area. Pottery, jewelry, bones and many others are exhibited at the museum of Drama.

The first 500 m of underground natural phenomenon are accessibilities to the visitors. Among the unforgettable sights there are those strange and dyed in different colors stalactites. Outside the cave luxuriant along the coast of r.Angitis sycamores and willows bring visitors cool and quiet.

Above the cave there's a Roman castle while in Kali Vrisi an ancient temple dedicated to Dionysus the ancient God of Wine. A church timed in the early Christian years was found 2 km South of Prosotsani and 2.5 km west the small church of Saint Panteleimona . Many of the findings are exhibited in the museum of Drama.

Many houses of the municipality are old and traditional. They were built during the two World Wars or during the Turkish occupation. They were made with stones and wood.

The Municipality's Byzantine churches are of great interest and attract any visitor's attention. They are located in the municipal settlements nearby Mont Menoikio and Angitis river.

There are folklore dancing clubs in every settlement of Municipality of Prosotsani where residents learn traditional dances. Their dances are shown during the holidays and other occasions.

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